My Platform

For the Miss America Organization every contestant is suppose to have what's called a platform. My platform is Building Positive Behaviors in Youth. This includes learning how to prevent bullying, drug abuse, teen suicide and coping with peer pressure. My focus with my platform is to help teens and kids have a positive outlook in their lives. This really hits home for me and that is why I am so passionate about it.

The organization also has adopted its own platform around the Children's Miracle Network. I know two kids that I am very close to who are miracle children. The first is my little brother, Nicholas. Five years ago he was diagnosed with Partial Complex Seizure Disorder. Since then he has gone to the Children's hospital in Columbia many times. The hospital is just outstanding. They do an amazing job working with children that have special needs.  Nick has now been seizure free for three years!  

The other miracle baby in my life is Toby. Toby Cason is my vocal teacher's child who has Down Syndrome. He has been through many surgeries at the Children's Hospital in St. Louis. He is such the little character! Even after all of the things he has been through he seems to glow with this adorable smiles. Toby is now 2!


Toby with his Dad Tim playing the keyboard!