About Me

Hello, I am Samantha Caraway, your Miss Mid Missouri Outstanding Teen 2013.   There are so many things I could tell you about myself, but here are just a few of them for starters. I was born right here in Kirksville, Missouri and I really love my hometown. I am currently a Junior at Kirksville High School. I am a varsity cheerleader, I'm also in concert choir and the National Honor Society.  I spend a lot of my free time with my friends and family. My friends and family are such a blessing!  My biggest passion is for music. Music is something I believe everyone needs in their life. There are always those times when you feel the need to express your feelings and what better way than through the arts. Music is my way of expressing my feelings. My vocal/guitar teacher is Tim Cason who also lives right here in Kirksville. When I was younger I always wanted to sing and I was lucky that my Dad has been a Mobile DJ and sound engineer for many years.  He and I always enjoyed singing  to karaoke tracks in his home studio. Eventually,  I met Tim who has also worked with my Dad over the years. Tim and his family are honestly amazing. Tim has been such a great source of inspiration and support, as well as my family.  With their support,  I hope to be involved in the music industry and pursue a degree in Music Business .  Some of my idols are Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Adele, Blake Shelton.. and so many more!!

In 2008 my mom asked me if I wanted be a little sister at Miss Missouri and I said....well YES!! That's when I met Jenna Osseck who was Miss Kirksville at the time. Jenna was my big sister at the pageant and we made some great memories that week.  Over the years we have remained close and I have had some wonderful opportunities to mentor three very special young girls including Maya McKiver, Abby Porter and Ava Jackson. I adore the girls and I have loved being a role model to young girls who want to pursue their dreams with the service and scholarships in the Miss America Program.  We all have had some unforgettable memories with each other.  The great experiences I have shared with my "Big Sister" and my "Sister Queens" over the past few years have lead to my desire to continue to compete for the Miss America Outstanding Teen Crown. I have met so many outstanding people in the Miss America Organization and we have shared so many wonderful experiences that I will cherish and never forget!